Automate Vacation Tracking with a Self-Service System Configured to Your Needs

Simplify paid time off tracking throughout the organization with web-based, fully configurable absence management. TimeOut PTO tracking automates processes and eliminates errors—from requesting, approving and tracking time out of the office to automatically updating accruals.

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  • Set up unlimited vacation policies and local holidays
  • Grant access and authorization to specific users
  • Incorporate policy-specific rules, such as maximum vacation accruals, carryover allowances and overrides
  • Configure detailed reporting based on your preferences
  • Provide multiple language options for global users
  • Incorporate optional web-based timekeeping that integrates directly with your payroll system
  • Add time tracking functionality to monitor employee time and billing against individual projects, to support staffing and budgeting initiatives


  • Employees and managers can view current or future balances, request time out, review decisions and more with little or no training
  • Ensure immediate email notifications of requests and decisions
  • Real-time updates to all major calendar platforms prevent scheduling conflicts
  • Mobile interface allows on-the-go requests and approvals


  • Automatic vacation accruals, grants and employee balance calculations allow accurate forecasting, leave and FMLA tracking, and vacation payouts
  • Policy changes, promotions, and position changes immediately update while maintaining proper accrual history
  • Regular reporting identifies use of specific day types and balances, while custom reports support payroll, compliance and other needs

Easy Transition

  • TimeOut integrates with any payroll or HRIS system
  • CWS handles all implementation and customization, including creating and testing initial files, as well as ongoing updates and backups
  • In-person training and ongoing support ensures that you can update policies, add employees and navigate the system easily
  • TimeOut software can be hosted by CWS or your own servers

Time and Attendance

The Timesheet module add-on is seamlessly integrated with TimeOut to enhance time and attendance tracking.

Calendar Integration Feeds

  • Microsoft Outlook®
  • Apple iCal®
  • Google Calendar™

Mobile App

TimeOut Summary

Review an employee’s available TimeOut day types and current balances at a glance. The information in this screen can be configured according to your needs.

Use the calendar to select any date to see an employee’s balances as of that day.

The calendar displays all company holidays and any days taken or planned for the employee.

Use the preferences to toggle between viewing time in days or hours.

TimeOut Transactions

View a table of all of the transactions for the employee.

Filter by period or specific day type.

See exact dates when day types were taken and when time was accrued or granted to the employee.

History is never deleted. Employees can view any previous year and even view future accruals and planned time off.

Easily export to a spreadsheet.

Requesting Time Out

Requesting time off is easy. Employees can see a color-coded calendar displaying holiday, vacation and personal days that have already been requested.

The user clicks on a single day or date range to initiate the request.

The Add Days feature allows employees to add non-sequential days or different day types to a single request.

Employees can also enter comments as needed.

After a request has been made, an email with a link to the approval page is immediately sent to the appropriate manager for consideration. Employees can opt to be copied on the request.

Manager Time Out Approval

Managers can easily approve or denyan entire request or specific days.

Managers can view the employee’s balance to see if a request is for more time than an employee has earned.

TimeOut’s unique Decide Later optionallows a manager to leave any days in the approval queue for later consideration while still approving or denying other days in the request.

The Show Calendar link brings up the calendar for all of the manager’s direct and indirect reports to ease the decision making process.

After approval or rejection, the employee receives a confirmation email detailing the outcome of the request.

TimeOut Calendar

By default, the calendar shows any employee’s approved and requested time off, as well as company holidays.

Managers can review the collective requests from all employees at once.By rolling over any employee name, a manager can see the type of time off requested.

Additional filters can be enabled allowing employees to see department or location-based views of who’s out on any given day.