Global Clients with One Thing in Common—Raves for CWS Software


“I have used TalentComp since 2007 and it is an excellent tool. I use it globally for a workforce of 2,300 employees. I highly recommend it for compensation management.”

Kewin Gales
Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources


“I have now used TimeOut for over ten years at three different companies. I introduced it to two of those companies as well as referring it on to other HR professionals at other organizations. The flexibility and customizations make TimeOut the perfect solution for our staff in the US and in our international locations.”

Jennifer Sadiq
Director of Equities

“We met with the CFO today to discuss our merit process. He has several Fortune 500 companies in his experience and he told us that the TalentComp planning system—and the level of detail and complexity—is the best he’s seen. He was extremely complimentary about it and the comment was completely unprovoked.”

Alisa C.
Manager, Global Compensation, Benefits & Mobility

“Thank you for all your help during this implementation. (CWS Software) was very thorough and responsive, and I truly appreciated all your efforts, especially over the last week as we were finalizing the system. We presented a demo to the CEO and President and they were very impressed with the system and its capabilities.”

Kim P.
Compensation & Benefits Analyst


“The TimeOut system is the perfect tool for us to manage everyone’s time out requests. I cover seven regions in Texas with the system. Much of our staff works out in the field and by having the ability to access TimeOut via the web has made everyone’s life much easier. I can’t say enough about the application but it’s not only the application it’s the staff at CWS. CWS has one of the best customer service departments I have ever come across.”

Dottie Lawhon
Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources

Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement

“I was at a management meeting yesterday and part of the discussion was around attendance and reporting. Several of the folks commented on what a great system we had implemented and how intuitive and easy it was to use…Feedback has been really positive among the staff as well.”

Dan Dwyer
Director of Information Technology


“CWS is a great company to work with! The system is extremely easy to navigate and maintain. Best of all, their customer service and technical support specialists are awesome! I highly recommend this team and their products!”

Lubna Fehmy-Khan
Compensation & HRIS Manager


“The system was exactly what we were looking for. We wanted to automate the whole process. TalentComp made the entire process much less painful.”

Sue Mullen
Chief Human Resources Officer

United Educators Association

“We love your company’s services! It is great to deal with such capable professionals representing each facet of your company. My compliments!”

Derek Hayenga ED, DC, DBU
Chief Of Staff


“I have tremendously enjoyed working with CWS. They are very responsive and assist me with the most complex questions…they have gotten on calls with clients and me to discuss and resolve system setup issues. They have taught me about more TimeOut functionality, which has helped a great deal when people reach out with questions. I look forward to our continued working relationship with CWS and am grateful for the support.”

Freda Merriman
Client Services Associate


“The Timesheets process is going very well. CWS has really done a great job in meeting our needs! Overall my employees like TimeOut and find it easy to use.”

Joy Viens
Director of Human Resources

Nuveen: A TIAA Company

“The TimeOut product by CWS Software has revolutionized the tracking of our firm’s PTO time and simplified time reporting for our non-exempt staff! The product is user friendly and very easy to navigate. For payroll administrators, the reporting is great and employee setup is easy! It is a great fit for our firm!”

Veneia Dunbar

Benefit Concepts, Inc.

“Prior to using CWS solutions, we were maintaining all our benefits administration information on spreadsheets. This was very tedious and time-consuming. Now everything is done automatically and because of the online enrollment package, we were able to take on two large clients and doors keep opening.”

Troy Davis

Special Olympics

“I am really glad we found TimeOut. I know we made the right choice to work with CWS Software. I appreciate all the support you have been giving us. Thank you—it’s refreshing to get great customer service.”

Ilisa Kessler