Partners Are Our Greatest Asset

CWS Software is dedicated to providing best-of-breed solutions for all aspects of HR management. We partner with organizations who strive to enhance the HR experience and provide services that complement ours.

Creative Workforce Solutions

Creative Workforce Solutions

Our premier HR Consulting partner, the Creative Workforce Solutions team is dedicated to forward-thinking, sensible solutions to solidify HR infrastructure and lay the foundation for growth. When CWS Software customers need specialized HR assistance, we connect with Creative Workforce Solutions.

The leading provider of compensation market data, software, analytics and consulting services, is unmatched for trusted compensation data and a 360° view of compensation practices.

Ask your CWS Sales Representative about the direct API connectivity between and CWS Software.

Partner With CWS

For partnership or white label opportunities with CWS Software, please reach out. Give us a call at 877-214-4954 option 1.