Manage Complex Incentives and Bonuses

Whether you want to drive greater profitability, ensure that deadlines are met, or improve specific behaviors, study after study demonstrates that clear goals, coupled with monetary rewards, are the answer.

FlexComp gives you the ability to manage an unlimited number of variable incentive compensation programs, based on easily configured and weighted corporate, department and personal goals. Untangle the web of bonus administration with a solution that makes it easy to establish a successful program and to visualize the impact.

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    Align Financial Incentives to Business Objectives

    Take a strategic approach to incentive compensation. By attaching the potential for monetary rewards to successful performance metrics and goal attainment, your incentives and bonuses have the potential to reinforce positive employee behaviors.

    Based on your preferred cycle, FlexComp guides your teams through developing bonus plans, entering goals, recording noteworthy events and achievements, accurately calculating payouts, and communicating the results.

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    FlexComp Advantages