TimeOut Timesheets

Time Collection and Tracking

Add Timesheet functionality to your TimeOut solution for trouble-free time and attendance tracking for hourly, exempt employees. You can use Timesheets with web punch, mobile app and physical time clocks.

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    Timesheets Advantages

    “TimeOut was the first system that our company used to track PTO beyond excel and email. It was a game changer in terms of company visability, auditing of records, and reliability.”

    Laura B., Director of Finance and Operations, Fashion Industry

    “Each employee is in charge of keeping up with their own hours and time off. It makes payroll a breeze. The cloud system allows for flexibility; sometimes our employees work from home or another location and now they can clock in from wherever they are.”

    Riley D., Insurance Agent

    Simple, Flexible and Automated

    Timesheets make it easy to collect hours worked to calculate regular and overtime pay, as well as accrue time off, based on your precise pay policy rules. Time can be automatically sent to managers for approval, then submitted directly to your existing payroll system in any format required.

    What’s more, Timesheets integrates fully with the TimeOut system—any days off recorded in TimeOut are automatically shown on the employee’s timesheet.

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    Punchclock, smartphone, and laptop demonstrate CWS Timesheet interface

    Time Clocks

    In addition to app- and web-based time collection, you have the option of using physical time clocks.

    Magstrip punch clock
    Fingerprint punch clock