CWS is Committed to One Thing: Streamlining HR Responsibilities

Because we are so tightly focused on human resources, CWS Software consistently impresses our clients with solutions that are intuitive, customizable and relevant.

For more than 15 years, our team has crafted best-of-breed, self-service tools that streamline or eliminate manual processes. Look to us for vacation and PTO tracking, performance appraisal, and salary administration, all unified into one simple solution. Our commitment doesn’t stop with our turn-key solutions. We love to develop custom solutions for organizations’ unique needs. We specialize in turning manual processes and spreadsheets into streamlined, web-based tools.

Enterprise-Quality Employee Tracking without an Enterprise Budget

Explore fresh, intuitive, web-based solutions for end-to-end time tracking and employee management.

The UnitySuite HR management tools increase efficiency, save time, reduce errors and eliminate redundant effort.


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“I have now used TimeOut for over ten years at three different companies. I introduced it to two of those companies as well as referring it on to other HR professionals at other organizations. The flexibility and customizations make TimeOut the perfect solution for our staff in the US and in our international locations.”

Jennifer Sadiq

Partner, Global Investors