Simple Fully Integrated Time and Attendance

Provide straightforward, web-based time tracking for hourly employees. Using the TimeOut Timesheet module, employees’ time can be automatically sent to managers for approval, then submitted directly to your existing payroll system in any format required.

See How it Works

See How it Works - TimeOut

TimeOut Integration

The Timesheets module integrates with the TimeOut system—any days off that are recorded in TimeOut are automatically shown on the employee’s timesheet.
Simplicity and Flexibility
  • Accrue time off based on actual hours worked
  • Your organization’s pay policies are configured to ensure strict adherence to regular and overtime rules
Timesheets can be enabled for your hourly, exempt employees only. Only those users will see the additional Timesheet menu options.

TimeSheets Features

Self Service Time Entry

  • Choose the time collection method that best matches your organization:
  • Web-based Punch In and Out
  • Mobile App
  • Physical Time Clocks
  • Weekly In / Out timesheet (with optional preset hours)
    Hours only entry (with optional preset hours)

Free Mobile App

Available for iOS and Android for quick punch in/out and manager approvals.


Highlight Exceptions

Enable visual alerts for:
  • Early and Late Punches
  • Short and Long Lunches

Overtime Calculations

Define Overtime calculations by week or day (for California residents). Add Double OT for specific days like working over weekends & holidays, or don’t calculate OT at all.

In Out Board

Managers and Admins can view which employees are in and out on a single screen.

Payroll Integration Customizable Payroll Reports

The payroll export file is configured to precisely match the import requirements of your payroll system, ensuring that the TimeOut Timesheet module can work with any payroll system.

Physical Time Clocks

What Our Clients Say…

“The Time Out system is the perfect tool for us to manage everyone’s time out requests. I cover 7 regions in Texas with the system. Much of our staff works out in the field and by having the ability to access Time Out via the web has made everyone’s life much easier. I can’t say enough about the application but it’s not only the application it’s the staff at CWS. CWS has one of the best customer service departments that I have ever come across. ”

Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources

“I have now used TimeOut for over ten years at three different companies. I introduced it to two of those companies as well as referring it on to other HR professionals at other organizations. The flexibility and customizations make TimeOut the perfect solution for our staff in the US and in our international locations. ”

Director of Equities

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