Fully Automate Vacation Tracking

Simplify paid time off tracking throughout the organization with web-based, fully configurable absence management. TimeOut PTO tracking automates processes and eliminates errors—from requesting, approving and tracking time out of the office to automatically updating accruals.

See How it Works

See How it Works - TimeOut

Always Accurate

Automatic vacation accruals, grants and employee balance calculations allow accurate forecasting, leave and FMLA tracking, and vacation payouts
Policy changes, promotions, and position changes immediately update while maintaining proper accrual history

Easy Transition

CWS handles all implementation and customization, including creating and testing initial files, as well as ongoing updates and backups
TimeOut integrates with any payroll or HRIS system
In-person training and ongoing support ensures that you can update policies, add employees and navigate the system easily

TimeOut Features

Unlimited Customized Policies

Define day types to match your policies, such as Vacation, PTO, Sick, etc. 
Incorporate policy-specific rules, such as maximum accruals, carryover allowances and overrides

Centralized Calendars

The calendar displays all company holidays and any days taken or planned for employees which can be filtered by teams.
Calendar Integration with:
  • Microsoft Outlook® 
  • Apple iCal® 
  • Google Calendar™ 

Employee Self-Service

Employees and managers can view current or future balances, request & approve time out, review decisions and more with little or no training 
Immediate email notifications of requests and decisions 

Global Availability

Multiple language options for global users.  Configure country-specific policies and holidays to ensure compliance. 

Free Mobile App

Available for iOS and Android for on-the-go requests and approvals

Robust Reporting

Configure detailed reporting based on your preferences. Standard reporting identifies use of specific day types and balance reports can be linked to salary data for liability & compliance reporting

Time & Attendance

Timesheet Module

The Timesheet module add-on is seamlessly integrated with TimeOut to enhance time and attendance tracking.  Web punch, mobile app and physical time clocks available. 
Easily collect hours worked to calculate regular & overtime pay based on your exact pay policy rules. 

What Our Clients Say…

“The Time Out system is the perfect tool for us to manage everyone’s time out requests. I cover 7 regions in Texas with the system. Much of our staff works out in the field and by having the ability to access Time Out via the web has made everyone’s life much easier. I can’t say enough about the application but it’s not only the application it’s the staff at CWS. CWS has one of the best customer service departments that I have ever come across. ”

Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources

“I have now used TimeOut for over ten years at three different companies. I introduced it to two of those companies as well as referring it on to other HR professionals at other organizations. The flexibility and customizations make TimeOut the perfect solution for our staff in the US and in our international locations.”

Partner, Global Advisors

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