talentcomp, Compensation Management, Compensation Management Software, Salary Administration, Bonus Software

The Better Way to Manage All Types of Compensation

Bring order and efficiency to salary administration processes with our compensation management software.

TalentComp compensation management software makes it easy to route, approve and distribute increases and bonuses, process company-wide salary changes, and manage all other types of compensation.

See How it Works

See How it Works - TalentComp

Streamlined Compensation Management Software

With TalentComp salary administration software, increases and recommendations are routed electronically, so supervisors can approve, make changes or return to managers for adjustment. The system also displays summary pool information for raises and bonuses. Changes are made easily and automatically rolled up for consolidated review—and you can calculate “What if?” scenarios on the fly.

The system tracks employee compensation and performance history. Information can be aggregated from any payroll or HRIS system quickly and easily. Best of all, CWS manages all implementation, maintenance, and upgrades, so your compensation software is always up to date.

Compensation Management Software, Bonus Compensation Software, Bonus Management Software, Bonus software, HR software

Incentive Compensation and Bonuses

Our FlexComp module adds the ability to manage complex variable compensation programs with no limit on the number of bonus programs.  Each program has configurable weighted components such as corporate, business unit and personal goals.

talentcomp, Compensation Management, Compensation Management Software, Salary Administration, Bonus Software

TalentComp Features

Intuitive Experience

Easily configured to display the information and calculations your managers need to make informed decisions

Any Type of Compensation

Merit and Market-Based Pay Increases
Bonus – including complex individual incentives
Equity, Stock or RSU

Easy Administration

Centrally managed to simplify even the most complex business rules.  Monitor the entire process in one solution 


Review individuals in their local currency and see budgets in any single currency.

Compensation Statements

Instantly produce individual statements or letters for your employees. Upload unlimited templates.

Robust Analytics

Design real-time dashboards and create ad-hoc analytic reports.  Focus on the areas most important to your organization like gender disparity, adherence to guidelines, or market pay analysis. 

What Our Clients Say…

“I have used TalentComp since 2007 and it is an excellent tool.  I use it globally for a workforce of 2,300 employees. I highly recommend it for compensation management. ”


“Just wanted to share with you that we met with the CFO today to discuss our merit process. He has several Fortune 500 companies in his experience and he told us that the TalentComp planning system and the level of detail and complexity is the best he’s seen. He was extremely complimentary about it and the comment was completely unprovoked.”

Manager, Global Compensation, Benefits & Mobility

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help during this implementation. You were very thorough and responsive, and I truly appreciated all your efforts, especially over the last week as we were finalizing the system.

As I mentioned, we presented a demo to the CEO and President and they were very impressed with the system and its capabilities.”


Kim P.
Compensation & Benefits Analyst

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