Centralize HR Communication & Management

The Unity HRIS solution combines a robust employee database with tools for company-wide communication in an easy-to-use, self-service platform. Employees can review leave balances and request time off, keep their own information up to date, find answers quickly without HR involvement, and share key information throughout the company.


Your company’s home page acts as a communications hub for all employees, allowing you to broadcast news and events or reach out to individuals with personal messages and task assignments.

Employees can also access a local bulletin board, calendars, and a document library as needed.


Retain all important data in one employee database and ensure that all employee management information is current through self-service updates for leave requests, emergency contacts, and documents.

The Unity Suite can be customized to the specific data fields critical to your business or industry.


Easily retrieve PTO tracking, position and employee management information anytime you need it, through standard reports or your own custom reporting.

Assign tasks and timeframes through the system to ensure clear progress tracking and completion.

A Robust, Up-to-Date Information Repository

Calendar Integration Feeds

The Unity Suite®

Bulletin Board provides simple communication to all employees or any subset via ad hoc groups and optional email notifications.

Company Calendar displays important events and scheduled meetings that apply to each employee.

TimeOut Summary shows the employee’s available accrued PTO or vacation balance as well as total days available. Users can quickly request days off, view the monthly calendar to see who’s out, and jump to a detailed view of their leave balances.

Notifications detail any important activities or tasks that require attention.

Important Links direct users to important company-related websites.

Document Management

Acts as a central repository for all company-related documents.

Authorized users can create folders and sub-folders, as well as assign permissions to those who can view or update documents.

All employee personnel files can be stored and accessed, including automated storage of completed performance reviews when using the P.A.Plus module.

Company Directory

Toggle between the full directory and organizational hierarchy views to find contact information for any employee.

The directory provides a tabular view of all employees, allowing users to filter by department or location, as well as search for any employee by name.

Company Directory

Toggle between the full directory and organizational hierarchy views to find contact information for any employee.

Org Chart displays a business card-style view of any employee’s full contact information.

Employee Profile

About Me is a configurable set of fields that allows employees to enter details such as personal interests, hobbies or favorite quotes.

Emergency Contacts encourages employees to enter and update all of their emergency contact information. Additional configurable fields can be added for allergies or other important information.

Education, Certifications and Skills can be updated by employees. Renewal dates can be included to make sure information stays up-to-date and in compliance.

Position History tracks an employee’s job history within the company.

Pay History shows the employee’s complete compensation history.

Benefit Elections is a read-only view of employee’s benefit selections and deductions.

Position Profiles

Position Families for the whole organization can be defined and detailed.

Within each Position Family, descriptions, typical titles, required skills, reporting structure, salary bands and much more can be created in order to effectively manage all of the positions in the company.

When an open requisition is approved or an employee leaves, the complete position profile is available to easily create a job posting.