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Communicate how much you value your employees

Total Rewards Statements are key to showing your employees their true value to your organization. Compensation goes far beyond salary. Our configurable statements allow you to show all monetary contributions like salary, bonus, healthcare benefits, 401(k) contributions, equity, and vesting schedules as well as non-monetary benefits like paid time off, holidays, sick days or work-life benefits.

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Retain and motivate your biggest investment

Your employees are the single largest item on your balance sheet. Use Total Rewards Statements to communicate how important each and every employee is to your organization. Help your employees understand how much more you contribute to them than just a paycheck.

Fully Customizable Templates

There is no limit on the number of templates you can create. Each template is created in Word or Excel so it allows for ultimate configurability with your unique branding and logos.

Choose Your Data

Import whatever data points you need from any sources. Our simple to build import templates allow you to incorporate any relevant employee data. Think beyond salary, bonus and benefits. Show how much paid time off, sick days and holidays contribute to a healthy work environment. Don’t miss the opportunity to highlight benefits the employee may be missing out on.

Simple Self-Service Portal

Employees can log in and download their individual Total Rewards Statement as a PDF whenever they like.

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