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The Better Way to Manage All Types of Compensation

Bring order and efficiency to salary administration processes with our compensation management software.

TalentComp compensation management software makes it easy to route, approve and distribute increases and bonuses, process company-wide salary changes, and manage all other types of compensation.

Streamlined Compensation Management Software

With TalentComp salary administration software, increases and recommendations are routed electronically, so supervisors can approve, make changes or return to managers for adjustment. The system also displays summary pool information for raises and bonuses. Changes are made easily and automatically rolled up for consolidated review—and you can calculate “What if?” scenarios on the fly.

The system tracks employee compensation and performance history. Information can be aggregated from any payroll or HRIS system quickly and easily. Best of all, CWS manages all implementation, maintenance, and upgrades, so your compensation software is always up to date.


TalentComp can be tailored to your budget and business rules, and reconfigured as your business evolves. The customized interface reflects your key data points, such as compa-ratios and recommended increases. Plus, you can support a global workforce, with the ability to manage multiple currencies, companies and languages.


All compensation information is protected using the technology that exceeds the current industry standard, and allows access only to authorized users. What’s more, the CWS salary administration software limits users’ ability to share unsecured documents such as spreadsheets, to keep your sensitive data secure.

Customizations For TalentComp

Need a specific customization? No problem! TalentComp Pro is available to expand TalentComp’s standard functionality. Your dedicated project manager will collect your specific requirements and work with our development team to ensure everything will meet your needs.

Customer Success Story

needed to automate their bonus, long-term incentive and salary market adjustment processes.

Compensation Types Managed

Compensation Software, Compensation Management Software, Salary Administration, Talentcomp, talent comp

Manager Recommendations

Managers can enter merit increases and bonus and stock recommendations for their direct and indirect reports. This view also shows each employee’s current salary and calculations based on your specific guidelines. Information can be configured according to your needs.

Choose Show All to see all direct and indirect employees at once.

To see indirect reports of lower level managers, simply click the manager’s name to drill down the hierarchy.

The Budget or Pool section at the top shows the amount available to distribute. This number changes based on the employees in view on the table below.

Clicking the magnifying glass icon can show additional demographic or historical information about the employee to aid in decision making.


Managers and administrators can review a variety of real-time statistics for the current cycle as recommendations are passed up through the TalentComp system.

Completion percentages, as well as summaries detailing how total amounts are allocated for merit, promotions, bonuses and more, can be reviewed.

Graphical views of increase distribution can aid in visualizing data.

Information can be exported as a PDF with a single click.