Expedite Performance Appraisal & Enhance Day-to-Day Talent Management

Automate performance appraisal processes from setting goals and development plans through monitoring and tracking performance. p.a.Plus simplifies every aspect of talent management, assisting managers in including comments throughout the year, creating reports and conducting more productive employee reviews. By moving from a cumbersome spreadsheet-based system to a social network-styled platform, you can enhance employee involvement and engagement throughout the organization.

Customized Forms and Routing

  • Automate performance appraisal and 3600 feedback forms,
    as well as forms unique to your organization
  • Set up automated routing to ensure that reviews move efficiently
    through the organization

Goal and Objective Setting

  • Create employee, departmental and company-wide goals or objectives
  • Track progress throughout the year
  • Automatically link goals and comments back to review forms

Ongoing Feedback

  • Managers can review employee progress, enter notes or attach relevant documents at any time, for more meaningful insight at employee reviews
  • Self-service functionality allows anyone in the organization to provide ongoing feedback for an employee
  • Comments can be linked to appropriate goals or tracked to enhance managers’ views of an employee’s engagement
  • Year-round communication and transparency ensures there are no surprises at review time

Comprehensive Reporting and Archive

  • Administrators can track completion of reviews or any other assigned tasks in real time
  • Custom reports are configured based on your forms for more meaningful insights
  • All completed reviews are archived and placed in employee document folders
  • Employees and managers can access complete records of past performance

Data Integration

  • Interfaces with all payroll and HRIS systems
  • Quickly aggregate and update information from any source

Use Any Browser and Operating System

Download the p.a.Plus Brochure

Goals and Objectives / Development Plans

Employees and managers can set individual goals and objectives or create development plans, then track progress throughout the year.

Employees can view their personal, departmental or company-wide goals.Clicking on the link allows them to scroll through comments for each goal.

Comments can be attached when milestones are reached or whenever any activity related to the goal is accomplished.

Comments can be entered by the employee, posted by a manager, or linked comments or accolades from someone’s hub.

All goals and comments can be imported into review forms.

My Tasks

My Tasks lists all activities assigned to an employee, such as Goal and Objective Setting, Self Evaluations, Performance Reviews and 3600 Reviews.

Each employee can view assigned tasks, due dates and last updates.

Past-due tasks are highlighted in red.

Emails are sent when tasks are assigned or routed to a manager.

Reminder emails are sent when any task is nearing its due date and when a task is past due.


For any form, P.A.Plus provides a highly configurable mechanism to define input types and multi-step routing.

Input types include:

  • Radio buttons
  • Drop down menus
  • Multi-select check boxes
  • Free text
  • Date entry with calendar pop-up

Forms can automatically import Goals and Objectives and any comments entered throughout the year.

Managers can send forms back to employees with comments for corrections.

Forms can be downloaded as PDFs at any stage of the processes.

Task Management

Administrators can monitor task completion in real time.

As employees and managers complete tasks, the system automatically updates the completion percentage.

Drill into any task group to see who has completed the task and who is still pending completion.

Task Outstanding Report

A detailed view of those who have completed tasks and reviews, and those who are still pending completion, for each step in a process.

Emails can be easily sent to employees who have not completed processes.

Results can be filtered by specific task groups or employees.

Reports can be exported to a spreadsheet with a single click.