HR Expertise and Insight Meets Streamlined Software Solutions 

At the core of CWS Software is ultimately configurable software built to automate human resource processes, brilliantly designed by people with an intimate knowledge of the HR landscape.  

How it all began

In 1988, Milt Melamed was one of the five founders of ILX Systems, a division of Thomson Financial. After ILX’s phenomenal growth into one of the largest providers of real-time market data in North America, Milt left in 2000 to focus on what he loved most—programming. 
By 2000, Sue Brocaglia, head of HR for ILX and also instrumental in its growth, had over a thousand employees to coordinate. She turned to Milt to find ways to automate some of the functions human resources professionals were performing manually. Their first collaboration was TimeOut vacation tracking software, and CWS Software was born. Over time, what began as PTO tracking and compensation management solutions expanded into The Unity Suite®, a comprehensive platform for total employee management that includes leave management, performance appraisal, salary administration, and custom software development.  

Customers First

In 2009, Milt and Sue brought on Eric Guba, also a veteran of ILX/Thomson Financial, to head up sales.
During their first meeting, Milt made it clear than when we’re asked if we can do something, the answer is always “yes.” That culture of yes remains in full effect today, whether through the basic configuration of our solutions or custom development.
For many years, CWS operated as a progressive, distributed workforce. However, by 2013, we had grown to need a dedicated space. We opened our office in a historic train station in Binghamton, New York, where we are part of the wellspring of the resurgence in upstate New York.
Our customers appreciate that we have great software that is flexible enough to cater to virtually any need they present. As a boutique company, we have a strong, supportive internal culture, and that translates to our relationships with our clients.