Set Goals and Capture Feedback Year-Round

Create a performance-focused organization with enhanced communication
Noteworthy encourages everyone to participate in communicating achievements and measuring progress towards goal and objectives in real-time.

See How it Works

See How it Works - Noteworthy

Expedite Performance Appraisals

Noteworthy was designed to facilitate setting goals and objectives, capture feedback year-round, guide employee development and enhance employee engagement. It draws on social media concepts to encourage communication and simplify performance evaluations for everyone involved.

NoteWorthy Features

Goal Setting

  • Create employee, departmental and company-wide goals or objectives
  • Choose Goals from a customizable library
  • Track progress throughout the year
  • Dynamically link goals and comments into review forms

Customized Forms

  • Configure forms to support your culture and performance initiatives
  • 360-degree forms allow you to gather input from within and outside your company
  • Perform calculations within the form and import summary employee data from other forms like 360s
  • Import goals and comments to the employee’s review form

Customized Routing

  • No limit on the routing steps and timing.
  • Show or hide data at certain steps of the review process.

Ongoing Feedback

  • Managers can review employee progress, enter notes or attach relevant documents at any time, for more meaningful insight during employee reviews
  • Self-service functionality allows employees to comment on achievements throughout the year
  • Year-round communication and transparency ensures there are no surprises at review time

Review Archive

  • All completed reviews are archived and placed in employee document folders
  • Employees, managers and HR can access complete records of past performance

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Administrators can track the completion of reviews or any other assigned tasks in real-time
  • Custom reports are configured based on your forms for more meaningful insights

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