Frequently Asked Questions

How many employees can The Unity Suite™ handle?

The Unity Suite solutions are all fully scalable, and there is no limit on the number of employees we can support. Some of our clients have just a few employees and others have several thousand.

Is a contract required?

Yes-all clients sign our standard software license and support agreement in order to use our solutions.

Is there a minimum contract length?

No-you can terminate our service for any reason with 30 days notice.

Can TimeOut handle multiple leave policies?

Absolutely! TimeOut can be configured to manage as many leave policies as you need to cover your entire employee population. A single policy has the ability to automatically give additional time as specific anniversaries are reached.

Can TimeOut handle different sets of company holidays?

The TimeOut system is designed to support companies that span a variety of geographies, so it can be configured with as many holiday tables as you require. It is quite common for our multinational clients to set up unique company holiday tables for each country, state and province.

How does TimeOut display available balances, in hours or days?

You can change the display from days to hours via the user preferences. We can set the default system setting to either days or hours depending on how your organization prefers it.

Can you add customized features for just my company?

Yes. We often create unique customizations for our clients. There are additional costs for these customizations, but our fees are very reasonable.

Can I have users without email addresses?

Yes. Emails are not required, but the system is designed to notify employees and managers of requests and responses via email. All of the notifications can be viewed after logging in if you do not have an email address.

Can user roles be switched from Administrator to employee or manager or vice-versa?

Absolutely. You can add the administrator role to any user. We also allow for regional administration, so you can give a user rights to admin only a subset of your employees. A manager is assigned in the Employee Admin page. As soon as a user is selected as a manager, that user will have all of the additional features for the manager role.

Are there limits on the number of Administrators?

No. You can have as many administrators as you need. There is no additional charge for administrators. Moreover, we allow for regional administration, so you can give a user rights to admin only a subset of your employees.

Do Administrators need a separate account to track their own time off?

No. Administrators can see their own info and make TimeOut requests like any other user.

Does The Unity Suite™ allow for Single Sign-On?

Yes. Our hosted solutions can accommodate Single Sign-On via any SAML 2.0 compliant authentication program. For our In-House customers, Single Sign-On can be done directly via Active Directory.

Is The Unity Suite™ available in other languages?

Yes. The Unity Suite™ has the ability to set up translations for each page into any language. If you want to change the way any word or phrase is translated, and administrator can simply enter the preferred translation and the change is automatically displayed.

What browsers are supported?

The Unity Suite applications work on all popular browsers, including Internet Explorer® (8 and above), Chrome™, Safari® and Firefox®.

Can I access the system using a tablet or Mac?

Designed for a mobile workforce, The Unity Suite works on any operating system that can run Internet Explorer® (10 and above), Chrome™, Safari® or Firefox®. This includes Mac® products, iPad® and iPhone® devices, Android® and Linux® systems.

Is the data backed up?

Yes. Full automated backups are performed every 4 hours and the backup files are transmitted via encrypted links to servers in a secondary data center in a geographically separate location.

Is my information kept confidential and secure on your hosted systems?

Yes. All of your data is kept secure on our hosted servers. CWS Software hosts its servers with Rackspace, at their SSAE 16 Type II SOC 2 audited data centers. Access to your data is only via our web based solutions using HTTPS (2048 bit encryption) and you manage which users have administrative rights to the system.

Can I install the software on my in-house server?

Yes. Licenses are available to run the software on your own server. The end user experience is the same whether CWS Software hosts the solution or you host it yourself.

What are the requirements to run the software in-house?

You will need MS Windows® Server 2003 or later with IIS 6.0 or later, MS SQL Server® 2008 or later. The hardware minimum requirements are dual-core 2GHz or faster processor, 4 GB RAM and 32 GB disk space.


“CWS is a great company to work with! The system is extremely easy to navigate and maintain. Best of all, their customer service and technical support specialists are awesome! I highly recommend this team and their products!”

– Lubna Fehmy-Khan | OMRON

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