Solutions to Unique Challenges

If there are a sequence of steps you perform regularly even if it changes from time to time-CWS can work with you to automate the process. Here are just a few of the ways we’ve helped our clients clear some of their workflow hurdles through custom software development




Custom Benefit Summaries

Challenge – Conveying the value of benefits to employees, and helping them understand how much the company spends.

Solution – Bold, easy-to-read custom benefit statements, based on a clear template and simple data merge, graphically represent just how much the company contributes to each employee’s individual benefits, as well as how that augments their total compensation. According to the client, these automatically generated statements are “a big hit!” See sample

Custom Benefit Enrollment

Challenge – Allowing a benefit company’s clients to enroll their employees over the web, instead of having insurance company representatives manually collect forms and enter data.

Solution – A custom online enrollment system made it easy for users to log in, select benefits, update enrollment information, review benefit details and see how much their selections would cost. The client has said that, “being able to do this has won me more business.” See sample

Sharing HR Insights

Challenge – Providing managers ongoing human resources data.

Solution – An HR Metrics reporting system distributes topline data such as annual salary spend, turnover rates by department, job openings and more. Rather than accessing data to fulfill ad-hoc requests, information is automatically collected and disseminated regularly, minimizing repetitive clerical work. The client believes this “frees us to take on a more strategic role.” See sample


“Prior to using the Benefits Administration Package, we were maintaining all our information on spreadsheets. This was very tedious and time-consuming. Now, everything is done automatically and because of the On Line Enrollment package, we were able to take on two large clients and doors keep opening.”

– Troy Davis | President Benefit Concepts, Inc

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