Explore fresh, intuitive, web-based solutions for end-to-end PTO tracking and employee management. By eliminating manual processes, The Unity Suite HR management tools increase efficiency, save time, reduce errors and minimize redundant effort.

Choose the right combination of human resource management tools to match your needs. Whether you need a complete, integrated HRIS or just vacation accrual software, CWS Software can help.

  • Self-service platform for employees and managers
  • Centralized employee data with document management
  • Integrated company bulletin board and calendars
  • Paid time off, vacation and leave management in the TimeOut module
  • Streamlined performance appraisal and management through the P.A.Plus module
  • Simplified merit, bonus and stock compensation processes via the TalentComp salary administration module
  • Select the core features and add-on modules to support your organization, and work with CWS to configure each one to your specific needs
  • Ensure state-of-the-art security of HR data, as well as secure access to appropriate team members
  • Integrates with all payroll and HRIS systems


 | at a Glance

The Unity Suite Core HRIS
HRIS Functions
  • Personnel data
  • Emergency contacts
  • Salary history
  • Job titles and codes with history
  • Document management
  • Bulletin board
  • Company calendars
  • Position profiles for the whole company
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Leave Management
  • Leave policies and business rules to match your organization
  • Automated accrual, grant and balance calculation
  • Self-service request and approval
  • Email notifications
  • Filterable calendars showing who is out
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  • Timesheet module add-on for seamless Time & Attendance
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Add-On Modules
Performance Management
  • Goal and objective setting
  • Ongoing performance communication, ad-hoc notes, peer recognition and social contribution
  • Custom forms routing
  • Supports 360-degree feedback
  • Enhances employee engagement
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Compensation Management
  • Merit, bonus, stock, lump sum and promotion management
  • Budget configuration support
  • Guidelines and business rules configured to your specifications
  • Compa-ratio and range penetration calculations
  • Multicurrency and multilingual
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